Lathe Machine


MODEL KL-6 KL-8 KL-10 KL-12A KL 128 KL 12C
Length of Bed 6ft/1828mm 81f/2438mm 1011/3048mm 1211/3657mm 12111657mm 121 U3657mm
Width of Bed 14inch/350mm 16inch/400mm 18inch/450mm 20inch/500mm 22inch/550mm 24inch/600mm
Height of Center 12inch/300mm 14inch/350mm 16incW400mm 18inchl450mm 20inch/50mm 22 inch/550mm
Swing over Slide 17inch/430mm 21inch/533mm 25inch/635mm 29inchr736mm 31inch/787mm 34inchM63mm
Swing in Gap 36inch/914mm 40incid1016mm 44inch/1117mm 54inc/1370mm 56inch/1422mm 58inch/1473mm
Admit Between Centers 33inch/838mm 54inch/1371mm 78inch/1980mm 95inch/2413mm 95inch/2413mm 93inch/2363mm
Spindle Hollow 2-1/8″/53mm 2-5/8″/63mm 3-5/8″/8.8mm 4-1/8″/103mm 4-1/8″/103mmm 4-1/8″/103mm
Type of Bed Pedestals Pedestals Pedestals Planner Planner Planner
Hp. Required 2*960 2*960 3*960 3*960 3*960 5*960
T.P.I. of Lead Screw 4 2 2 2 2 2
Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Steady rest. Follow rest. Motor plate & 22 no’s of change gears Dog chuck & Electric motor