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Manufacturer of all Sizes Horizontal Boring Machine Drilling & Facing Machine with special kinds as Horizontal Boring Machine with Double head, Extra Cross-slide and without Stay Bearings, Vertical Boring Cum Turning Mill Machine, Floor Boring Machines, Planner and Plano Miller & Lathe Machines.
Karam Machine Tools was founded by late S. Karam Singh Vohra in 1975. Afterwards it was successfully run by their son Mr. Gopal Singh Vohra. At present it is run by their Grandsons Mr. Ravinder Singh Vohra & Mr. Simratpal Singh Vohra.
Firstly we manufacture only Horizontal Boring Machine. But with long experience years, we are able to manufacture Grade-
1 quality Horizontal Boring Machine with Double head and Extra cross slide in all sizes for the job of Boring, Milling, Drilling and Facing with the help of single Machine.
At present we are also manufacturing Vertical Boring cum Turning Mill Machines for the sizes of | meter to 6 meters along with all sizes of Floor Boring Machines on orders only.
All the machines are designed to meet the requirement of related users for the quality, Accuracy, Design and Technology therefore our machines are successfully running all over the Country & Abroad.
Due to the quality of our machines our firm received several awards as National Award (from FIE Foundation Ichalkaranji, Gold Medals, Service Awards and Udyog Patra Award given by Sh. B.D. Jatti, former vice president of India.
We had also participated in International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan, Delhi for several times, where our product received acclamation for its quality Machines.

Salient Features To Match Foreign Sophistication
The Multi-Functional Horizontal Boring, Milling, Drilling & Facing Machine is designed primarily for machining bores in various kinds of machine bodies & gear boxes, and also for surface milling. A number of machining operations can be effected with this machining tool, viz. surface milling, drilling reaming, boring, turning & facing with the tool held in the Facing Head slide. High-powered spindle and face plate drive, Sturdy design of Casting Wide range of Spindle speeds & Gear box feeds and high precision workmanship allow for high output with the use of high speed steel as well as carbide tools. Thus high surface finish is obtained The Rigid & Massive Construction of the machine ensures excellent performance while bearing all the working stresses.
« The verniers Casting is done with the mixture of 25% Steel & Ferro Chrome etc. to acquire proper Brinell Hardness &it is also seasoned for at least six months. The machine is manufactured to Grade Limits of accuracy.
« Heavily ribbed box type Bed & sturdy box type Columns to withstand the heavy cutting force even at Elevated height.
« High Accuracy of machining due to accurately Ground and reliable Guideways of bed & Pillers etc. and fine positioning by Dial gauges & Verneriror Digital Readout system.
« Longitudinal & Cross Table Traverses, Vertical Travel of Head Stock & Boring Supports are provided with Rapid movements as well as feeds.
« Provision of inching spindle speeds and feeds of gear box.
« All Gears are precision cut on Imported Mother Machinery to ensure smooth and Silent running.
« Precise Synchronized Veatical Travel of Head Stock & Boring Stay Support.
« The Machine is manufactured according to Dr. SCHLESINGER’S ACCEPTANCE TEST CHART.
« SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT: To set Rotary Table perfectly at right angle.
« SAFETY CLUTCHES: To Disengage: (a) Facing Machanism, (b) Sliding Mechanism of Cross Slide. (c). Rotary Movement of Work table, (d) Working Spindle’s Longitudinal Movement.
« Apart from above safety measures, suitable Shear Pins are also provided for the total safety of machine.
« Adjustable stoppers to trip longitudinal & vertical feeds at desired points are also provided.
« Hand operated knurled socket attached to Head Stock Drive Motor & Operated Wheel attached to feed Gear Box
« Motor for the safe engagement of speeds & feeds respectively.
« Mechanical clamping of all axis
« Manual Boring Head height setting adjustment-with a lever attached to Feed Gear Box.
« Conveniently arranged & simple Control Panel system ensure easy operation.