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Karam machine tools “Flange Straightening Machines” are designed to straighten flanges on H and I Beams. The machine is designed horizontally to handle large and heavy beams at ease. Salient features of the machine include strong straightening force, large straightening range, high quality, and fine finish.
This machine use to remove the deformation in the flanges that occur during welding.
Machine consists of infeed conveyors to feed the beam in the “i” (vertical) position, flange straightening station with hydraulic press rollers & web guide rollers and outfeed conveyors.
lh and rh side flanges straightened simultaneously.
Straightening Speed: 6m/min, based on the thickness of the flange and amount of bend, the straightening speed vary.
Material: e 250 & e 350 grade plates can be straightened.
Optional beam 180-degree tilter to flip upside – down can be provided.
Hydraulically operated flange straightening machine

Flange Width 200~800mm 200~1000mm 200-800mm 200~1000mm
Flange Width 200~800mm 200~1000mm 200-800mm 200~1000mm
Flange thickness <40mm <60mm <60mm <80mm
Minimum web Height 350mm 350mm 200mm 380mm
Material of plate Q235-A Q345(16Mn) Q235-A Q345(16Mn)
Staightening Speed 9m/min 6.28m/min 9.8m/min 6.1m/min
Total Power 13.2kW 16.5kW 21kW 22kW